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GEO Program Faculty

Applicant Page (Faculty Portal)
You can complete your faculty portal (Study Abroad Faculty application) from the "Applicant" page. You can access to your personal faculty “Applicant” page by clicking the "Switch to Applicant Page" button below. 

If you haven't logged into the GEO portal yet, UO faculty can log in using the LOGIN link at top right. Faculty from outside the University of Oregon can log in using the NON-UO LOGIN link at top right.
Administrative Page
If you are reviewing students applications, you will receive an email from GEO ( confirming your access to the “Administrative“ home page that allows you to view and screen applications for your program. This “Administrative” page will then become your default home page when you log in.

You can view/review applications by clicking the "Switch to Admin Page" button below. 


1. To find your students in the GEO portal, click on the "Shared Queries" for your program. "Shared Queries" can be found in the "My Queries & Reports" panel on your Admin page.
Shared Queries

2. Click on the title of query. To review applications, please use the "Ready for Faculty Review" query as this will provide you with the list of applications that are complete and ready for your review.

The "All applications" query will allow you to access a list of all applicants who have applied to your program.
Shared Queries 2

3. This will display a clickable list of applications.
Shared Queries 3
Recommender Page
If a student has requested a recommendation from you though the GEO portal, you will see the "Recommender" on the top left. This page provides you with a list of applications who have requested recommendations that are pending and completed.

You can access to a recommendation list by clicking the "Switch to Recommender Page" button below.


Click here to download GEO Application System User Guide (PDF).

For questions, please contact GEO ( or your GEO program coordinator.